Micro Champagne Towers are a Yes!

Micro champagne towers are always a yes for me on Friday nights!   I love hosting friends at our house and when I do, I always like to add little fun and unique touches to entertain our guests. Micro champagne towers are an epic way to add a fun splash to a small gathering or to up the fun to any soiree.   The look is so glamorous, so elegant and just perfect.  It reminds me of old Hollywood and grand affairs but just done on the micro level.  

Of course you can go all out and make them as tall you want. Normally, we see the super tall ones with rows and rows of glasses at formal weddings and grand galas.  But, guess what? there is no need to wait, just do it now, anytime you want to up the ante at your next fete.   The look of the steadily spilling champagne from the top to cascade down to the rest of glasses is to die for.  And don’t worry, even though it looks like the champagne is spilling there will be very little waste.  Arrange all the glasses in the tower or pyramid formation before your guest arrive.  The look of the micro champagne tower alone will be an amazing ice breaker and will set a great festive tone for the rest of your gathering.   Here is the perfect recipe to achieve the look. 

micro champagne tower

First step:

Have a large square, round or rectangular tray to use as a base to place the glasses into. This will collect any of the extra champagne that spills over.

Second step:

With the number of guest in mind count how many glasses you need to arrange the pyramid until you get to 1 glass on top. So for 12 guests you will have 6 on the bottom, then 4, then 3, then 1.  Clean sparkly classic coupe glasses work best for this.    For the one I arranged, I wanted a bit of a glam look so I used sparkly iridescent glasses that give off a nice colors when the light hits – so incredible.

Third step:

Start building your micro champagne tower with the largest number at the bottom and work way up to create your envisioned plan.  Be sure to work carefully to ensure that the glasses are well supported.  Place the glasses as close as possible to each other for a tight look. 

Fourth Step:

Depending on how high your tower is you might have to stand on a stool to fill your glasses. Pop open your favorite bubbly.   As a guide, a 750ml bottle of champagne will fill 6 glasses. To serve a tower for twelve you will need three full bottles. You can start at the very top and start pouring the champagne down while ensuring that every glass is filled.  Another faster way to do it is to pre-fill the glasses a little and then start pouring from the top.

So yes it is just that easy.  I just love micro champagne towers and I am so sure you will love it too.  Cheers!  

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