bonjour, It's nice to meet you

Hello and welcome! I'm Claude, a devoted and imaginative event designer with a flair for crafting unforgettable experiences. My journey in creativity has taken me across the world, fueling my passion for elegant designs and unique celebrations. With over a decade of

experience, I've earned accolades for my bespoke wedding stationery company, Petite-Fete, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and personalized touch.


However, my creative spirit yearned for a new adventure. I've transitioned into the enchanting world of event planning and designing, focusing on intimate gatherings, bespoke picnics, and

elegant soirees. My expertise lies in micro-event designing, where every detail is meticulously curated to create a memorable experience.


Whether it's a small party, a chic picnic, or an intimate

soirée, I bring a personalized approach to each event, ensuring that your fête is nothing short of perfection. Let's collaborate to design your next unforgettable celebration!


Petite Fête Table

Petite Fête Table is an event design company specializing in picnics and tablescape styling. Servicing all New York City Boroughs and Nassau County, Long Island.