Inspired Idea: Attend A Flower Arranging Workshop

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for something new, exciting, and creative to dive into. As a florist at Petite Fete Table, today I’m spilling the tea on a creative trend that’s been making waves in the world of events and hobbies alike: flower-arranging workshops. Yes, you heard right—this is where the beauty of floral design meets the joy of gathering with friends or even strangers who are bound to become your new flower friends by the end of the day!

So, why should you consider attending a flower arranging workshop or even hosting your own flower-arranging party? and let’s walk through this garden of thoughts together.

Flower Arranging

Design Flowers and Unleash Your Inner Florist by :

First things first, when you attend a flower arranging class is an open invitation to unleash your creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned florist or someone whose floral design skills stop at putting supermarket flowers in a vase. Floral arranging workshops are designed to cater to all levels. You’ll leave with not just a gorgeous arrangement but also the confidence to experiment with floral design at home.

Boost Your Social Media Game:

Let’s be real; we live in a world where social media is king. What’s more photogenic than a beautifully curated bouquet of flowers? Attending a floral workshop not only gives you the chance to up your design game but also to fill your feed with aesthetically pleasing content.

Connect and Create:

Flower-arranging parties are the perfect excuse to gather your besties, celebrate an event, or simply create a memorable experience. This is the perfect activity for a bridal shower, a baby shower, or just because. The act of arranging flowers together creates a unique bond and a shared sense of accomplishment. Plus, who needs a reason to throw a party, right?

Attend A Flower Arranging Workshop to Learn from the Pros:

One of the best parts about attending a workshop is the opportunity to learn from experienced florists. These pros are there to guide you and to share insider tips and tricks that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It’s like having your own mentor in the world of floral design. Even as a florist myself I am constantly learning and looking for educational opportunities to level up my design skills.

A Personal Touch to Events:

If you’re planning a wedding, a baby shower, or any significant event, imagine being able to say you designed the floral arrangements yourself. Attending a workshop can equip you with the skills to add a personal and meaningful touch to your special day, making it all the more memorable.

Good for the Soul (and Mind):

Engaging in creative activities like flower arranging has been shown to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. It’s a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle, giving you a moment to focus on the beauty in front of you and the creativity within you.

Networking and New Friends:

Workshops and design classes are fantastic places to meet new people with similar interests. You’ll be surprised at how arranging flowers can bring together a diverse group of individuals, fostering new friendships and even potential business opportunities.

Kickstart Your Floral Business:

For those dreaming of turning their passion for flowers into a business, attending workshops can be a stepping stone. Not only do you gain valuable skills and knowledge, but you also have the chance to network with others in the industry and gain insights into turning your dream into reality.

So, there you have it, folks! Whether you’re attending a floral design workshop, throwing your own flower arranging party, or dreaming of hosting your first event, the world of flowers is ripe with possibilities. Not only do these gatherings offer a chance to hone your design skills, but they also provide a unique way to connect with others, enhance your social media presence, and even kickstart your business. Remember, every flower has its bloom, and perhaps it’s time for yours to shine. Attend a flower arranging workshop and let’s make the world a little more beautiful, one bouquet at a time.

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    Five Decadent Decor Ideas for the Best Galentine’s Day Soiree

    Hey there, lovelies!

    Galentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s the perfect opportunity to throw the most fabulous party for your girl squad. Here are Five decadent decor ideas for the best Galentine’s day soiree. At Une Petite Fête, we’re all about creating those unforgettable moments. We’ve got some lush decor ideas that will make your Galentine’s Day soiree one for the books. So, grab your wine glasses, light up those candles, and let’s dive into a world of romantic florals, sparkling glam, and everything sweet for you and your bestie.

    Galentines Day Decor
    Galentines day decor

    Lush Romantic Flowers

      Kick off your Galentine’s Day fun with fresh flowers. Nothing says “I adore you” like a room filled with lush, romantic floral arrangements. Transform your space into a floral paradise with a mix of your favorite things: roses for love, peonies for prosperity, and lilies for friendship. Opt for a color scheme that reflects the warmth of your girl squad—think pinks, reds, and whites. These blooms are not just decorations; they’re a special gift to each of your friends, symbolizing the beauty and strength of your bond.

      Hanging Floral Installation

      Why limit your florals to vases? A hanging floral installation is a great option for adding a touch of glam and sophistication. Imagine a cascade of flowers and greenery suspended above, creating a magical canopy. This unique way to incorporate florals will surely leave your guests in awe. It’s an easy way to add a wow factor to your decor and the perfect excuse to go all out. Plus, it’s a fantastic backdrop for those all-important group selfies!

      Elegant Table Setting

      An elegant table setting is key to making your Galentine’s Day soiree feel extra special. Set the table with fine linens, chic dinnerware, and sparkling wine glasses. Place settings should be meticulous yet inviting, with a personal touch. Think heart-shaped decorations, cute ways to fold napkins, or a special note for each friend. A well-thought-out table setting is the best way to show your gal pals how much they mean to you, offering the perfect opportunity for quality time spent over delicious food and heartwarming conversations. Don’t foget to line up the perfect activities.

      galentines day flowers

      Romantic Candlelight

      Soft, romantic candlelight is essential for creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Scatter candles of various sizes across your space to achieve a gentle, flickering ambiance that complements the floral decor. Candlelight is not only an easy way to set the mood, but it also adds a luxurious feel to your party decor. As the night falls, the warm glow will draw everyone together, sharing stories and creating memories in the soft embrace of candlelit camaraderie.

      Glam Placecards

      Finally, add a final touch of sophistication with glam place cards. Personalized place-cards are not just practical; they’re a creative way to make each guest feel special. Whether you choose elegant calligraphy, quirky illustrations, or even a small photo, these little details show you’ve thought about each of your best friends. Placecards also offer a chance to play with your party’s color scheme and theme, seamlessly tying together all elements of your special event.

      Your Galentine’s Day soiree is the perfect occasion to celebrate the special bond you share with your favorite people. I hope these five decadent decor ideas for the best Galentine’s day soiree help you plan your next event. From the romantic allure of lush flowers and the whimsical charm of a hanging floral installation to the elegant detail of the table settings, the warmth of candlelight, and the personalized touch of glam place cards—each element plays a part in crafting an unforgettable evening. Remember, it’s all about creating a space that reflects the love and appreciation you have for your friends. These ideas can also be used for a Valentine’s Day celebration.  So, raise your glasses, share laughs, and cherish these moments of togetherness. Happy Galentine’s Day!

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        6 Best Tips for Hosting A Memorable Holiday Party

        There is really no better fun than hosting friends and family for the holiday season. With these 6 tips for hosting a memorable holiday party, your event will be foolproof. This time of year especially lends itself to merriment since guests are already in a festive mood and ready to party. Whether you’re planning a family gathering or an intimate celebration with friends, there are countless ways to make your holiday party stand out. Here are 6 tips best to help you navigate the holiday party planning process, ensuring that your event is fantastic, festive, and fun.

        Best tips for Hosting a memorable holiday party

        The Location

        Naturally, the most obvious choice would be your home. Consider the size of your guest list and whether your space can accommodate everyone. Do not hesitate to move furniture around in your living room to make it more conducive to a party. Create small gathering areas with seating around small tables throughout the space. If your home is not available, a rented event venue can be used. 

        The venue sets the tone and will be the backdrop for the entire event. Create a comfortable and welcoming space for your number of guests. You can do this by ensuring that your guests have plenty of comfortable seating and space to mingle. In addition, pay attention to the lighting. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, use string lights, and candles to enhance the overall ambiance of the room.

        The Guest List

        The first step in planning any successful holiday party is creating a well-thought-out guest list. Consider inviting an interesting mix of friends or family to make your event diverse and dynamic. Pro Tip: Invite someone who is a little bit of a partier to stir the pot. 

        The Theme and Decor For Hosting A Memorable Holiday Party

        Set the Stage with a Festive Theme and Decorations

        Being that it’s the holiday season you probably would already have your home decked out with Christmas decorations. Lean into this and elevate your party by selecting a festive theme that resonates with the holiday season. From a classic White Christmas to a fun Ugly Sweater Party. A theme provides a cohesive and visually appealing backdrop for your event. Deck the halls with festive decorations, string lights, and Christmas ornaments. Consider adding a photo booth with holiday-themed props to capture the joyous moments throughout the night.

        The Menu

        Pro Tip: As for the menu, keep it simple. Make menu items that you make well and also feel free to order everything! Hit up your favorite restaurant, caterer, or gourmet deli.  For drinks, there is no need to play bartender. Set up a small bar with help-yourself stations of wine, beer, and a signature batched cocktail in a punch bowl. One of the most important things in hosting is time with your guests.  That is the point of a great party.

        The Fun Activities to Keep Guests Entertained

        Elevate your holiday party with engaging and festive activities. Consider hiring a live band or DJ to get everyone in the holiday spirit. If that is not in the budget a killer playlist will do the trick.

        Consider organizing a fun Ugly Sweater Contest or a White Elephant Gift Exchange, or even a Secret Santa for an interactive and entertaining experience. Board games and a wreath-making station are also excellent options.

        Best tips for Hosting a memorable holiday party

        Focus On The Little Details

        Show your appreciation to guests with thoughtful party favors that reflect the holiday spirit. From scented candles and hot chocolate mixes to holiday-themed gift cards, small tokens go a long way in making your event unforgettable.

        Design eye-catching holiday party invitations that set the tone for the celebration. Whether you choose digital invitations or traditional cards, make sure they reflect the festive nature of the event.

        A photo booth is another way to make your holiday party stand out. It provides a fun way for guests to capture candid moments and creates lasting memories. Supply props that match your theme and encourage guests to strike a pose throughout the night.

        Hosting a memorable holiday party is a wonderful way to spread joy and celebrate the festive season with loved ones. By carefully considering your guest list, venue, theme, and details such as party favors and activities, you can take your holiday party to the next level. Planning ahead is key.  Give yourself a good head start so that your party runs smoothly.  Whether it’s a friends-only event or a family gathering, these 6 tips will guide you through the planning process. Following these 6 best tips for hosting a memorable holiday party will ensure that your holiday party is an unforgettable and joyous occasion for everyone involved. Cheers to a season filled with laughter, good company, and lasting memories!

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          How to Plan the Perfect Picnic with a French Aesthetic

          There’s something undeniably magical about the French way of life. This is why I have embarked on this post on how to plan the perfect picnic with a French aesthetic. Walking the cobblestoned streets of Paris, or frolicking in the quiet countryside of Provence, the French have mastered the art of living well. From daily life, fashion, and cuisine – the French make elegance look so effortless. This ease surely extends itself onto the picnic. That said, I decided to try my hand at planning the perfect picnic with a French aesthetic twist. The French picnic is one of the best picnic ideas.  It is an activity that requires very little planning and can be spontaneous. Let me guide you through planning a delightful French-style picnic, combining a laid-back feel with a touch of sophistication.

          Location, Location, Location

          The first step to creating a French-inspired picnic is to pick the perfect location. Think of how beautiful the gardens of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, or the fragrant lavender fields in Provence are. Think about how you can recreate that kind of feeling in your local area. Consider a scenic park, a sandy beach, a pavilion, or a botanical garden. Any scene with a beautiful backdrop will automatically transport you to a special place. When picking a picnic spot, consider setting up under some shady trees where you can hope for a soft breeze. Alternatively, on a sunny day, look for the shadows of a large architectural structure to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.  Don’t forget to pack a wide-brimmed hat to shield from the sun the way the French do.

          Perfect Picnic with a French  Aesthetic

          French Picnic vs American Picnic

          The French people adore a picnic. During the summer months in France, it seems like every meal is taken outdoors at a park. Since sundown is after 10 in the evening, the picnics go until late in any public place that is open – local parks, on the steps of Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, next to the Eiffel Tower, in the Jardin des Tuileries or the banks of the Seine.  These picnics tend to be easy and require very little coordination. More emphasis is placed on the quality of time that will be spent with friends.  Surprisingly the menus tend to be coursed with an appetizer, main course, and dessert.  Part of a French meal could include foods like rotisserie chicken, a green salad, and a refreshing drink. Note that fancy recipes are not required.  You should easily be able to find everything necessary in your refrigerator or local deli.

          American picnics are more planned and more coordinated. We as a whole have more a fast-paced and regulated life. This leaves us little time to just relax spontaneously. During the past three years picnics have taken the United States by storm. I believe the pandemic had a lot to do with this. I would have to say that they are anything but simple. They are themed, well styled, and require a bit of planning to throw together.   These picnics are fully equipped with a picnic table and a lot of pillows for comfort.

          Steps: How to Plan the Perfect Picnic with A French Aesthetic

          Here is a list of some of my favorite things you will need to enjoy a perfect French picnic with a French aesthetic.

          Basket and Blanket: Begin with a classic wicker picnic basket. Its cottage charm exudes sophistication. Line it with a comfortable and stylish gingham or toile picnic table cloth.

          Tableware: A chic French picnic calls for real plates, glassware, and flatware. Leave the paper plates at home and go for vintage or antique items. In addition, consider using champagne flutes for a bit of fancy, even if you’re serving sparkling water.

          Cloth Napkins: For a touch of luxury, pack cloth napkins.;

          Cheese knives

          The Feast

          Baguette and Cheese: No French picnic is complete without a fresh baguette, butter, and a selection of cheeses. Choose a variety of your favorite cheeses with different textures and flavors.  Choose various kinds of cheese from hard cheese, and creamy Brie to nutty Comté. Make sure to bring a cheese knife and small bowls for serving.

          Charcuterie: Add a selection of cured meats such as prosciutto, saucisson, and pâté. Arrange them artfully on your cutting board.

          Fresh Fruits: Include a selection of fresh, seasonal fruits like dried fruits, grapes, figs, or sliced apples. A French touch is to drizzle some honey over them.

          Salads: Prepare a couple of salads, like a classic salad Niçoise or a fresh Caprese with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. 

          Quiche: Quiche is a versatile and classic French dish that can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature. Prepare a delicious quiche with your choice of fillings.

          Desserts: A French-inspired picnic isn’t complete without pastries. Opt for croissants, macarons, and perhaps a simple fruit tart.

          Beverages: Don’t forget the drinks! A bottle of French wine, sparkling water, and perhaps a fruity sangria make excellent choices. Ensure you have a wine opener and wine glasses. Here stateside, most public parks do not allow alcohol to be enjoyed. Please check your local laws before you uncork your own wine.

          The French Flair: Style and Elegance

          Flowers: Fresh flowers add a charming touch. Consider a simple arrangement of lavender or wildflowers in a mason jar.

          Music: Create a French-inspired playlist. Soft background music can enhance the ambiance of your picnic.

          Setting the Scene For the Best Picnic

          Once you’ve gathered your provisions, it’s time to set the scene for your own picnic. Arrange your picnic blanket with care, ensuring it’s comfortable for your guests. Use your wicker basket as a centerpiece and display your tableware artfully.

          As your guests arrive, welcome them with a glass of sparkling water or wine. Invite everyone to savor the delightful spread of French delicacies you’ve prepared. You will see immediately how easily lively conversation and laughter will flow – the essence of a French picnic. Setting a beautiful scene is so inviting and automatically creates a festive occasion that your friends will want to enjoy.

          As the sun begins to set, conclude your picnic with a toast to good food, good company, and the French way of life. 

          A French-inspired picnic is not a one-time affair; it’s a lifestyle. Recreate the experience whenever you need a taste of elegance and a touch of the French countryside in your life.

          In conclusion, planning the perfect picnic with a French aesthetic is all about embracing the casual yet sophisticated elements of French culture. From choosing the right location to curating a gourmet feast and adding those special touches, your picnic can transport you to the enchanting world of French leisure. So, gather your loved ones, prepare your basket, and savor the art of the perfect French picnic. You will that having a French-style picnic on a hot day is a great way to spend a summer’s day. C’est magnifique!

          What to learn more about picnics: Check out the following posts:

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            Five Best Ways To Have a Fabulous Fall Picnic

            Summer time is probably the most regaled season to have a fabulous picnic. It has all the desired elements – long sunny days, cool drinks, and cute dresses. It’s the season we most equate with alfresco entertaining and frolicking in the park with friends enjoying summer picnics. That said, I’m going to opine that the autumn season is probably one of best times to have a fabulous fall picnic. How can you go wrong when you’re surrounded by the crisp autumn air and beautiful colorful foliage. In the fall, you can still find pockets of gorgeous weather. Moreover, experiencing a bout of Indian summer is not unusual and I like to take advantage of those days where possible.

            Also, the best thing is that there are fewer bugs, you are less apt to be annoyed by pesky mosquitoes. That alone is a great idea to have a  perfect fall picnic in the great outdoors.

            fabulous fall picnic

            A Scenic Picnic Location

            Normally in the fall choosing a great spot only enhances the overall vibe of your fabulous fall picnic. The best thing about being outdoors is that you have the most beautiful backdrop at your disposable and for free. I like to pick a clean picturesque spot that showcases the vibrant fall colors of that time of year. Parks, lakesides, botanical gardens, or even your own backyard can be great options. I really like to pick a local park that has a special feature such as a beautiful bridge and river. This is especially nice because it’s interesting to watch the boats and ferries sail by. Some parks even have covered pavilions you can use for your picnic.

            In New York, there are parks that have lakes where you can take a rowboat out well into the fall season.  Many parks offer carriage rides, rickshaws, and movie nights.  These are great added bonuses and a fun way to add a special element to your outing while enjoying fresh air. 

            Another great location would be a local farm.  At this time of year, pumpkin patches are great fun.  Local farms tends to have great harvest season activities like a corn maze or hayride.  This would be a great choice for a late summer outing.  Pick a great spot under a canopy of a tree and colorful leaves to surround yourself in the fall atmosphere. 

            Fall Inspired Picnic Decor

            Go ahead and use the rich hues of fall foliage in the theme of your picnic. Since the lush green landscaping will start to give way to gorgeous shades of burnt oranges, auburn, and crimson red. You have perfect palettes right at your-finger tips. Incorporate decorations and colors in your table design, such as pillows, cozy picnic blanket, table ware, glassware. In addition, use the bounty of the season such as pumpkins, gourds, figs, grapes, blood oranges, and pomegranates in your overall design. Seasonal floral arrangements or dried floral bouquets can add just the right touch. Some fall flowers you can considers in your fall arrangements are chrysanthemums, pansies, sunflowers, anemone, aster, and hydrangeas.

            Make your area extra comfortable by piling up the warm blankets and adding large pillows in every corner. Throw blankets are especially nice if they are plush and fuzzy.  This will add warmth to the overall look.  If you’re having a backyard fabulous fall picnic, this is the perfect time to add string lights.  This added touch will only enhance the atmosphere with a warm glow from the twinkling lights.  

            Fun Entertainment and Picnic Games

            If you’re having a group of friends, having a fun ice breaker is always great to have on hand as people arrive. Conversation cards, heart shaped sunnies, Jenga, Uno, Scrabble, and Badminton are all engaging games. Having these on hand is a great way to enhance your best picnic experience. Some other outdoor activities to keep folks entertained include: 

            • A friendly game of frisbee.
            • A scavenger hunt 
            • Music playing from a portable speaker
            • Polaroid camera photo session
            • Setting up a cozy spot for board games or card games

            Fall Inspired Picnic Menu

            To play up to the season use some of autumn bounty to elevate your fabulous fall picnic. In your menu using bountiful charcuterie boards laden with cured meats, nuts and cheese, spiced donuts can add to coziness. Don’t be afraid to hit up your local deli or gourmet market for sandwiches and desserts. Easy handheld yummy foods are ideal. The point is to have fun not to sweat it out in a hot kitchen.

            As for drinks, you might bring along a thermos with hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate to warm you in the cool air. Another option for the cooler weather that would carry well would be a warm soup. Also, warm drinks like apple cider, flavored sparkling juice, mulled wine, or even red wine if you’re feeling fancy.  

            Picnic Essentials Checklist

            • blankets
            • pillows
            • water & paper towels, napkins
            • plates & bowls
            • cutlery
            • serving utensils
            • cups
            • wine glasses
            • bottle opener
            • paring knife
            • damp wipes or cloths for washing up
            • garbage bags
            • hand santizer
            • bug spray
            • disinfecting wipes

            Final Tips to Ensure a Great Time For A Fabulous Fall Picnic

            Note, before picking the best time, consult the weather forecast and be prepared for cooler temps.  Pack layers, including jackets and sweaters. Armed with these fun ideas, you can create a memorable and fabulous fall picnic that celebrates the beauty of the season. Go ahead, grab your picnic tables, a picnic basket full of goodies and spend some quality time with family and friends at your next fall picnic.  This is an extensive list and can seem a bit overwhelming and requiring  much effort.  To make things easier you can engage the services of a picnic service such Petite Fete Table. This event planning company will deliver your beautiful picnic without you having to lift a finger.

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              A Luxurious Picnic Is What You Absolutely Need to Host Now! 

              Did you that it’s peak luxurious picnic time now? Every season a new hot trend hits the social gathering scene.  First it was the bottomless mimosa brunches, then boho glamping and now it luxurious picnic time.  Don’t get me wrong, brunching and glamping will always be amazing.  Because, as we all know, at the heart of all memorable experiences is simply a gathering of friends coupled with cute yummy food.  Add a beautifully set table in the park, at the beach, your living room – you have the perfect recipe for the ultimate indulgence: the luxurious picnic.

              Coming off the pandemic, one thing for certain is that we as humans crave social connections. We want this time to be as memorable and as beautiful as possible. I recently had such an experience. It was glorious. A fabulous picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park styled by PetiteFeteTable and documented by the talented wanderluster Daphney of Daphney Boutin Photography.

              Blue Picnic

              What is a luxurious picnic?

              With so many “luxury” picnic companies popping up it seems apt to define I think the term luxurious. First off,  a service named luxury, just does not make it so.  To me, you really know it when you see it. Luxurious picnic tablescaping evokes a feeling that transports you to a place that fuels all of your sensory emotions.  It is the compilation of a beautifully designed tablecape offering a feast for the eyes. A perfectly coordinated, tablescape composed of dinnerware, cutlery and glasses, which receive their decorative finish with artfully folded napkins, carefully arranged candles or lush flower arrangements. 

              While the details vary, the premise is that you—and your bae or girl gang  gather around a whimsical display to eat beautiful, delicious food and cocktails and enjoy each other’s company.

              What Are The Best Luxurious Picnic Locations?

              The best place to host a luxury picnic is anywhere you feel comfortable gathering with friends.  Popular venues includes beautiful scenic parks, a pavilion, the beach, your backyard, historic grounds, garden, inside your living room, a front porch, a back deck.  Really anywhere there is space for a lovely gathering of your favorite crew.

              Picnic in the park

              When Should I host a Luxury Picnic?

              You can host a luxurious picnic for any reason.  My favorite reason is just because. Other possibilities are proposal, bridal shower, bachelorette, or rehearsal dinner, team building, brand celebration, big promotion.  Don’t forget to theme it!   Be it a painting night, movie night, date night.   You  could be planning a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, micro wedding reception.  

              Picnic in the Park

              Go Ahead! Book A Luxury Picnic

              Hosting a luxurious picnic is an experience that elevates your senses, creates cherished memories, and lets you indulge in life’s finer pleasures. So go ahead, pick your favorite spot, gather your loved ones, and embark on a picnic adventure like no other. You won’t regret it! One such service delivering the very best in luxury picnics is Petite Fete Table. Located in the New York City Area, they are truly one to watch.

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                Access Free Art for Your Home

                Acquiring art for your home is something that can be both adventurous and daunting. Filling your home with beautiful art pieces will undoubtedly make your spaces more dynamic and interesting. It’s a process that takes time and patience. Best described as a labor of love. But, trust me, you will feel crushed when you find an art piece that you fall completely in love, only to be blown away by an exorbitant price tag. But not to worry. Did you know that you can access free art for your home for free? Yes, I said for free. Right now there are over three million piece of art available for you to use as you see fit.

                white flower free art

                What is the Public Domain?

                The public domain is a collection of works that are not protected by intellectual property rights. Fun fact: you can access free art for your home that is in the public domain freely to copy, modify, sell and distribute. What’s more, is that you don’t need permission or to pay the original creator. Did you know that many of the art pieces selling right now on Etsy today are from the public domain? Talk about a side hustle!

                Included in the public domain are books, music, art, photographs, films, and scientific discoveries that are no longer protected by intellectual property law.

                oranges free art

                Where Can You Find Free Art Online?

                Museums, art galleries and libraries are the best sources for free printable art. Now, don’t get me wrong it will take some time to sift through to find just the right piece. Also, when you do find the right piece, it may need to some clean up. A great place to start looking for free art is A Home Is Announced. Categorized and curated by genre, theme and color this shop makes starting the process easy. Also, linked below is a list of some other sources to help in art research.

                1. The Met Collection 
                2. Wikimedia Commons 
                3. National Gallery of Art 
                4. Raw Pixel 
                5. Smithsonian Open Access 
                6. John J. Audubon’s Birds of America
                7. Public Domain Review 
                8. Old Book Illustrations 
                9. The British Library 
                10. Art Institute of Chicago 
                11. The Cleveland Museum of Art 
                12. Harvard Art Museums 
                13. The Getty 
                14. Library of Congress 
                15. National Gallery of Art 
                16. New York Public Library 
                17. Yale University Art Gallery  
                18. Picryl 

                What can you do with your found art

                Once you have your art selected, you can download a high resolution copy right to your computer. You are free to print it, upload to your devices, curate a gallery wall and even sell it. There so many ways to style your home and having access to free art for your home is so clutch. Hanging beautiful artwork is a key component in having a unique and stylish home. Happy hunting!

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                • MoFebruary 21, 2023 - 7:30 pm

                  Wow! Did not know this! Great post! Thank you! ReplyCancel

                  • ahouseonguilfordFebruary 22, 2023 - 10:39 am

                    I actually just learned this myself. I was blown away to learn all this information about free art. I found some really cool pieces.ReplyCancel

                Pink and Red Galentine’s Inspiration

                What can be more fun than a Pink and Red Galentine’s Inspiration. Of course these colors have always been synonymous with the occasion but definitely no less special. Even more exciting is that Pantone has named their 2023 color of the year as Viva Magenta 18-1750. Viva Magenta is a signal of strength, inclusivity, and self-expression. What is Pantone you might ask? The Pantone Color System, or PMS, is a standardized color matching system, which is widely used around the world. It was devised to help printers and designers to specify and control colors for printing projects. This mean you will be seeing this color trend creep up all year long. You’ll be seeing it in bold interiors, fashion runways, cosmetic counters and so many other places. I am actually pretty partial to all shades of pink – you can say it’s my favorite color. ‘

                All Shades of Pink Match Together

                When following a Pink and Red Galentine’s Inspiration, don’t get bogged with which shade of pink. As you see all shades of pink and red tend to marry well together. You can use the colors in the tablescape, napkins, dishes, glassware, and of course the flowers. I love how the pink and red was use in the hanging floral wreath. Creates such a special ethereal touch.

                Steps to Style a Pink and Red Galentine’s Inspiration:

                1. Choose a color scheme: Red and pink are the primary colors for Galentine’s Day, so make sure to incorporate these colors into your table setting, décor, and menu.
                2. Set the table: Use pink tablecloths or table runners and red plates and napkins to set the mood. You can also add rose petals or other pink and red flowers as a centerpiece.
                3. Create a menu: Plan a menu that includes pink and red foods, such as strawberries, watermelon, cherry tomatoes, and beet salad. You can also serve pink-themed drinks, such as rose wine or pink lemonade.
                4. Decorate the space in a pink and red galentine’s inspiration: Use balloons, banners, and streamers in pink and red to add a festive touch to the space. You can also add candles, fairy lights, or other lighting elements to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.
                5. Have fun: Make sure to have plenty of conversation starters, games, and music to keep the evening lively and enjoyable for everyone.

                Pink and red table view

                By following these steps, you can create a stylish and memorable dinner with this Pink and Red Galentine’s Inspiration that celebrates the special bond between you and your friends.

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                  At Home Coffee Bar

                  Having spent way too much money at Starbucks I decided why not have my own at home coffee bar set up. Living through the pandemic made me realize how useful having a little dedicated area for coffee and tea would be. With many families working from home it just makes perfect sense to enjoy a few comforts at home. No need to disturb your morning routine by running out to get that perfect french vanilla latte. You can have all the accoutrement to curate that same experience at home.

                  at home coffee bar

                  Where to Set-Up your Coffee Station

                  I definitely had dreams of splurging on one of those new sleek built-in coffee machines. These machines integrate right into your kitchen cabinetry. I think it’s one of the most coveted luxury trends popping up these days. Unfortunately, I was unwilling to give up any of my much needed cabinet space. I decided the next best place for my at home coffee bar would be on my kitchen counter. If you’re trying to figure where to put yours, considered these other options. You can set them up on the tray or small table in an organized manner. You may also want to consider purchasing a small coffee cart or bookshelf to hold all of your coffee-making items and to use as a designated coffee station.

                  at home coffee bar

                  Choosing a Coffee Maker

                  The first thing I started to research was which coffee maker I would invest in to mimic the same quality of coffee house experience with ease. Having had a few Nespresso machines in my day I knew I wanted to stick to the same brand but I was also definitely ready for an upgrade. I settled on the Breville X Nespresso Creatista Plus for my at home coffee bar. This machine hits all the right notes. A range of digital customizations allows you to make everything from a flat white, macchiato, latte, and cappuccino. With a built in milk frother – this machine was a no brainer for me.

                  Coffee Bar Customizations

                  This is where the fun comes in. As a base, I have a small marble tray as the foundation of my display. On the ready, I have a few glass espresso cups with a few gold spoons. I added a few gold labeled glass dispensers to put my two favorite flavored syrups – vanilla and hazelnut. I also have a small glass jar of brown sugar cubes and a few spices to complete the set. Additionally, I like to add some personal touches to my at home coffee bar, like decorating it with books, flowers, candles or some artwork. I am very pleased with my at home coffee bar. The only thing I have yet to master is my milk art. It’s a work in progress and I hope to have that perfected in short order!

                  at home coffee bar setup
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                    Styling Your Coffee Table with Books

                    Styling your coffee table with books is the ultimate decor staple. Styling books is a creative art form on its own. Books lends themselves to any style, or any color theme. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, styling your coffee table with books just works. When I finally decide to wind down on the couch, wine glass in hand, nothing is more pleasing than perusing through beautiful books. They can be well styled no matter if your is table is square, rectangular, round or oval. I really enjoy looking at all the pretty things. Whether it’s a beautiful floral bouquet, perfectly fluffed cushions, or a jeweled scented candle – I find that a tower of coffee table books just enhances the layered look.

                    Coffee table books styled

                    Here are a few ideas to help you style your coffee table with books no matter that kind of table you have.

                    1. Start with a base layer: Place a stack of books at the center of the table as a base layer. This will anchor the rest of the styling and provide a sense of balance.
                    2. Mix and match: Use a variety of book sizes, colors, and textures to add visual interest. Mix hardcover and paperback books, and consider using books with different spine colors.
                    3. Create a theme: Group books by color, subject or genre to create a cohesive theme. For example, you can stack all your travel books together, or group all your cookbooks in one place.
                    4. Add some height: Use taller books to create height and add dimension to your table.
                    5. Use accessories: Add other decorative items such as candles, vases, or flowers to complement the books. Make sure to keep the accessories small and simple so as not to overpower the books.
                    6. Experiment: Try different arrangements until you find the one that you like the most. Keep in mind that it’s easy to change the look by simply swapping out a few books or accessories.
                    7. Keep it tidy: Make sure that the table is clean and free of clutter, this will make the books look more attractive and organized.

                    Where to Find Cool Coffee Table Books for Decor

                    Here are some of my favorite places to find décor books:

                    living room view of coffee table books
                    • Try your neighborhood local thrift shop or used bookstore. The Good Will or Salvation Army usually has loads of options.
                    • Hit up  This site has loads old editions.
                    • Need Supply if you want has a mix of new books and magazines.
                    • The Strand in NYC is the place to be for new, rare, and old books.
                    • Scrolling Etsy or Ebay for vintage books is also worthwhile. Can take a little digging but your sire to find some gems.

                    Be sure to experiment with different arrangements and see what works best for your space.

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