A Book Review – Wonderland is Wonderful

Summer Thorton’s Wonderland is wonderful! So, you’re already being forewarned. Proceed with caution! This post will probably get me some shade but let’s go! Lately, on instagram most of what is currently trending are pages of homes full of neutral tones in every tone but not an ounce of color.  People have sworn off color like it’s a bad habit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a well designed monochromatic moment.  The look is calming, it’s airy and it’s clean.  But,  if I were to be true to myself, I’m definitely a color girl.  Give me all the color, give me all the patterns, all the texture and all details. 

To tell you the truth, I was feeling a little lonely out on my color island and in comes Summer Thorton. With her newly published book, Wonderland:  Adventures in Decorating her designs wow us on every page. Wonderland is wonderful and reaffirms for me that – Yes, color is absolutely amazing. Thorton charges us to use color as much as possible until it feels just right.

“when it comes to interior design, reason, logic, and practicality are largely overrated.” 

– Summer Thorton

Wonderland – Summer Thorton

Wonderland is an ode to color, a bible if you will, that not just encourages but wills you to unleash your wildest design fantasies using your home as your palette.  Every page of Wonderland is wonderful and is full of beautiful luxe designs with nonconforming decor ideas.  Summer Thorton uses multiple colors in various shades, textures such as fringe, mohair, velvets, mixes various styles like vintage, glam, modern, and lot’s of chinoisserie.   In her book, the lacquer painted walls are to die for and I am definitely looking to add this high gloss dimension somewhere in my home.  Wonderland is so inspirational and it is the perfect coffee table book.  

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.  Better yet gold it.”

-Summer Thorton

 She affirms, “a purple sofa is a real power move,”  and my favorite “live like Marie Antoinette is coming to breakfast.”  This book speaks volume to me as I try to live my live more with intention and in the present.   I am willing to take risk and allow myself the freedom of self-expression in my home.   

The first pieces of furniture I bought for my new home three ago were two luscious luxurious velvet teal coaches by Mitchell Gold Home.  You can see me sitting on one of them on the top left photo and also here on my instagram page.  They are beautifully feminine that curve out the in the back and curve in the middle creating a gorgeous silhouette.   Literally swoon worthy in my honest opinion.  Those couches set the tone for the rest of my home and has helped me create a space that feels luxurious and full of drama.  

Wonderland is wonderful and it is Summer Thorton’s collection of her most favorite things.  Whether you have a love of monotones or multi-color dream coats be unapologetic of how you express yourself. 

“Every day can be a fantasy when you create a dream world.”  

Summer Thorton

Summer Thorton Wonderland

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